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Tenant Spotlight: Bringelson Jewelers

Welcome to our first installment of our new monthly Tenant Spotlight feature. We consider our tenants part of the Jerico Family and believe that small, local businesses like our tenants are what makes San Pedro such a great place to live and work.

This month, we are shining a spotlight on Bringelson Jewelers, one of our long-time retail tenants in the Brown Brother’s building. We sat down with Marta Valladolid, owner, who has been with Bringelson for over 35 years.


Bringelson Jewelers has been serving the San Pedro Harbor Area since 1923. They host of variety of jewelry for all pocketbook sizes, do custom jewelry work, and watch and clock repairs—serving all of your bling needs! Bringelson is the place to go if you are eyeing a piece out of your price range; Marta’s team will create something custom that suits your wants and your budget! If you have a loose stone, or one you want re-set, Bringelson will work with you to create something spectacular.

It’s that creative vision and attention to client satisfaction that has Marta serving third generation clients. She has families come back for milestones in their lives, and it is one of the greatest joys of her work that she gets to be a part of these family legacies. As a mother and self-described pearl-holic, Marta particularly enjoys helping parents pick out a strand of pearls as an engagement gift for their daughter.

The way Marta describes her work, she acts almost like a translator for desire—she can take vague directions like “I think she’ll want something red and dangly,” or “I want to buy one of those black marble things,” and help someone pick out the perfect ruby pendant earrings or discover Black South Sea Pearls. (This spotlight just happens to be perfectly timed for Holiday Season—go see Marta for that special someone in your life, even if that person is yourself!)

When we talked about goals for the future, Marta said she wanted to bring the store, a beautiful space with original display cabinets from the 1890s, a little more into the 21st century with a more robust online presence. While she still believes that the experience of choosing a piece of fine jewelry is a personal, in-person process, she wants people to be able to find her online.  She is also getting ready for the 95th anniversary of the store, with the centennial in the near-distant future!

Marta had some kind words for us in regards to her satisfaction as a Jerico tenant. She loves her space and the attentiveness of our property managers and maintenance staff, as well as the community in the Brown Brother’s Building. Marta was actually instrumental in bringing us some of her neighbors as tenants through her referral, and she helps create a strong sense of community among the shops in the building.

Marta loves San Pedro, not just because it’s her hometown, but because it’s a tight-knit, grassroots community. Everyone knows each other and people support each other in town. We think Marta is a perfect example of the spirit of San Pedro, a strong business woman who supports her community and makes it more beautiful, one piece of jewelry at a time.