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Jerico Development, Inc.    Est. 1984
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  • Create a vibrant, family friendly, shopping, dining, entertainment and recreational themed destination
  • Connect the local community to its waterfront, including the development of a continuous waterfront promenade
  • Embrace and build upon the harbor community’s history and proud traditions, drawing from the existing authentic character and heritage of the San Pedro Waterfront as a working port
  • Inform our development efforts through an open and transparent public outreach process, which engages a broad range of community stakeholders and builds upon the Port and Community’s prior planning efforts
  • Work with successful existing Ports 0′ Call tenants to relocate them into new and enhanced facilities while providing continuity of operations throughout the project’s development
  • Create a project which will be successful, commercially viable and buildable in the current market cycle and financing environment
  • Build an environmentally sensitive and sustainable urban environment



The Port of Los Angeles (“Port”) and the local San Pedro Community conducted a decade’s long process of engagement and dialog, re-imagining the commercial- and visitor-serving Port properties adjacent to the community of San Pedro. The master plan developed through this collaborative effort was memorialized in the 2009 San Pedro Waterfront Environmental Impact Report/Statement (EIR).
In 2012, the LA Harbor Commission called for proposals to redevelop the 30-acre Ports O’ Call site through a competitive request for qualification process and selected the current development team in early 2013. In 2016 the Board of Harbor Commissioners’ awarded a 50-year master ground lease to the San Pedro Public Market LLC (“SPPM”) for the Ports O’ Call site.
Over the last five years we have engaged and informed the local community about our development plans and efforts through an open and transparent public outreach process, engaging a broad range of stakeholders and building upon the Port and the community’s prior planning efforts.


Our mission is “To produce an economically sustaining development that improves the quality of life for the San Pedro community and the LA Waterfront.”
San Pedro Public Market is envisioned to be an environmentally sensitive and sustainable urban environment––a vibrant, family-friendly shopping, dining, entertainment and recreational themed destination that will connect downtown San Pedro and the surrounding local community to its waterfront and bring jobs & economic opportunities to the community and beyond.
The plans call for a world-class, urban waterfront destination for locals and tourists that re-energizes the boardwalk and inspires exploration and learning.

San Pedro Community

As part of our commitment to the San Pedro community, we have given priority to soliciting tenants from successful local businesses seeking to expand their operations into the San Pedro Public Market. SPPM is currently in discussions with several local and regional businesses and has a letter of interest from one of the leading concert promoters for a dramatic public amphitheater set on the waterfront. The San Pedro Public Market looks forward to working with the local community in bringing this important waterfront development to life.

World Class Design Team

The design team is led by Rapt Studio, named one of The World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2018 by Fast Company magazine for its work on clients such as Drop Box, the Honest Company, General Electric and North Face among many others. Joining Rapt is James Corner Field Operations, whose remarkable list of achievements includes New York’s High Line, an abandoned rail line that is now one of the city’s great parks, Chicago’s Navy Pier, Philadelphia’s Navy Yard, Seattle’s Elliott Bay, and the Presidio in San Francisco. Riverfront projects in Newark and Detroit are among Field Operations’ current waterfront endeavors.
Rapt Studio and Field Operations, together with Adamson Associates as Executive Architect, will design and reclaim San Pedro’s promenade as an extraordinary waterfront set in the heart of the West Coast’s most prosperous and active working port.



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