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Jerico Development, Inc.    Est. 1984
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This 8,000 sq. ft. retail building was Jerico’s original investment in downtown San Pedro. Its current tenant is the Grand Vision Foundation (GVF).

GVF is the entity that spearheaded the effort to save the Warner Grand Theater. A million plus dollars was raised in conjunction with the POLA and City of Los Angeles, to make the Warner Grand Theatre a modern, viable and desirable performing arts venue which is in great demand. This venue has become the central gathering spot for San Pedro and has gone a long way toward reshaping perceptions of downtown San Pedro.

Jerico has recently provided a facelift with the help of a CRA façade grant and a complete upgrade of the annex performance space to further GVF’s mission of providing cultural and educational programming to local schools that school budgets no longer can provide.


  • 8,000 sq. ft. retail building
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